Our Values

The values and principles we adopt as Maher Holding consists of the golden advice of the late Mr. Mehmet Erdemoğlu, the “The Wise Man from Besni”, the father of our president Mr. Mahmut Erdemoğlu, dedicated to the whole business world and humanity.

  • Never lie.
  • Never shy away from honesty.
  • Do not scold or despise anyone.
  • Do not interfere in anyone's business.
  • Do not try to spoil the finished work.
  • Make your payments at the time you promised.
  • Pay the worker his/her dues before as soon as after his/her work is done.
  • Do not make any deductions from the already negotiated payment at the time of payment.
  • Word once spoken is past recalling. Do not back off from a trade that you already agreed to, even if you are going to lose money.
  • Protect your business, employees, country, state and the flag.
  • Always protect your family.
  • Do not quit on your spouse, friends and relatives. Do not turn away anyone who comes knocking on your door.
  • Put yourself in others’ shoes, and treat them accordingly.
  • Wealth has no limits, but rewards.
  • Be tolerant of everyone.